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Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong – Campaign Launch

Wednesday 9 June, 7pm, Zoom – register here.

The International Socialist Alternative ( has launched the campaign – Solidarity Against Repression in China & Hong Kong – to unite international forces to provide solidarity and support and to build resistance against the CCP’s suppression of Hong Kong’s and mainland China’s democratic rights.

A crucial part of the solidarity campaign is our global speakers tour, which this discussion is a part of.

On Wednesday June 9 we will discuss with ISA activists from China and Hong Kong. While the ongoing Cold War between China and the US continues to rage, we will discuss these issues will affect workers and youth in Britain. Already, the Tories have attempted to falsely and hypocritically pose as defenders of the rights of the people of Hong Kong, after decades of helpong to prop up the dictatorship in China.

Political Background

Since the Hong Kong mass struggles in 2019, the situation has changed completely. The dictatorship of Xi Jinping and the misnamed ‘Communist’ Party (CCP) has answered with massive and unprecedented repression of democratic rights aimed at destroying the movement and preventing any future mass struggles in Hong Kong and China. Opposition leaders will be sentenced to five years and more. The left-wing grassroots fighter and ex-parliamentary member “Long Hair”, Leung Kwok-hung, has already been sentenced to 14 months and his sentence will certainly be increased with new charges being brought to court .

This initiative is an independent working class campaign that focuses on the situation facing the oppressed layers in China and Hong Kong (workers, young people, women and ethnic minorities) and counters the attempts of the Tories and Western right-wing governments to falsely pose as defenders of democratic rights in order to advance their Cold War agendas.

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We need your support!

Our comrades and fellow socialists in China and Hong Kong are in urgent need of international solidarity; they are directly threatened and affected by the repression.

The aim of this campaign is to spread awareness about what is really happening in China and Hong Kong and to mobilise solidarity from ordinary people, workers and youth. Your support will be of great help to continue the political work despite the extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.

Spread the word! Inform your friends and co-workers and invite them to this event. Get in touch if you want to receive campaign material to actively support it or if you simply want to know more about it.

The ISA section in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan also needs our financial support. The situation is already hard, and could get even tougher if public activities are banned in the coming months. Become a monthly sustainer, every sum is welcome:

We need your support to demand the release of Longhair! Please write letters to him to show your solidarity. Please read the instructions for such solidarity letters (you can find them in this article, as the regime’s rules around prisoners’ mail are extremely strict.