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Rally for a Socialist World – International Socialist Alternative

Date and time

SUNDAY, 25 JULY 2021 AT 18:00 UTC+01

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Capitalism is in a historic crisis. We are entering an ‘age of disorder,’ marked by deepening polarization, instability, and inequality. Billionaires have increased their wealth by $5 trillion during the pandemic while workers lost $3.7 trillion. In the past year, millions have flooded onto the streets in movements against racism, police brutality, war, and state violence.

Mass movements and revolutions have broken out across the globe from Colombia to Myanmar. Working class youth have led the way in revolts against racism, sexism, and the climate crisis. Now more than ever it’s clear that the capitalist system offers no answers for working and oppressed people.

In over 30 countries across every continent, International Socialist Alternative is building a world party to tackle exploitation and oppression at its root – the capitalist system. Join us for a rally for a socialist world to hear from socialist activists from across the globe and learn more about getting involved with ISA!

Tune into the livestream on Facebook or YouTube to listen in English and Spanish. Join via zoom to hear interpretation into Deutsch, Nederlands, Français, עברית, Polish, Português, Svenska, Русский.

Sunday 25 July at 10am Vancouver // 12pm Mexico City // 1pm NYC // 14.00 Buenos Aires & São Paulo // 18.00 London // 19.00 Brussels & Joburg // 20.00 Moscow 

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