Socialist Alternative

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What is Socialist Alternative?

We need system change. Capitalism means poverty, war, climate breakdown, exploitation and oppression. Worldwide, just eight individuals are estimated to own wealth equivalent to that of half the world’s population.

Socialists stand for the alternative – a society run by and for working-class people. A society in which the vast wealth currently concentrated in the hands of a privileged elite, the capitalist class, is taken out of their hands through public ownership of the major banks and monopolies. A society in which, in place of the chaos of the market, ordinary people democratically plan the economy in order to meet the needs of all – without destroying the planet.

Socialist Alternative in England, Wales and Scotland was founded to help build a movement that can transform our society.

And we don’t stand alone. We are proud to be part of a vibrant international organisation of dedicated socialist fighters, which has sections in 30 countries across the globe: International Socialist Alternative.

If you like what you see, why not join?

What we fight for

Dignity at work and in welfare

  • Secure jobs paid a real living wage – scrap zero-hour contracts. For a £15-an-hour minimum wage now. For fully paid sick leave, pensions and holiday pay for all
  • Workers need a pay rise – Tory austerity has brought a decade of lost wage rises for workers in the public sector, as well as for most of their private sector counterparts. We say scrap the pay cap – for decent, above-inflation pay rises for all workers which make up for the lost ground
  • For the right to organise – scrap anti-trade union laws. Reverse all Tory and Blairite attacks on workers’ rights. Defend and restore collective bargaining
  • For fighting trade unions – ten years of austerity have taken their toll on pay, pensions, working conditions and much more. But all too often, and with some notable exceptions, our trade union leaders have acted as a block on organising the fightback that’s needed. We need union leaders who will be prepared to struggle to the end, who’ll mobilise members to fight every attack as well as to go on the offensive. We need to organise to push those who’ve refused to take up this mantle to one side and replace them with working-class fighters. Socialist Alternative stands for the election of all trade union officials and for them to receive only the average wage of a skilled worker
  • End bullying and harassment at work – all workers have the right to feel safe in their workplace. Yet many workers have to face down bullying bosses every day. Meanwhile discrimination on the basis of gender, race, disability and sexual orientation remain rife. We say no to bullying and fight against all forms of oppression in the workplace
  • For democratic workers’ control and management – it’s workers who understand best how to organise their workplaces most efficiently, not aloof executives and high-flying managers. We fight for democratic control and management by workers – on the basis of socialist public ownership of the big monopolies
  • Immediately reinstate the Universal Credit uplift – fight for benefits that reflect the real cost of living and which don’t leave people struggling in poverty. Scrap benefit sanctions. For job creation and the right to work for all who can

Housing for all

  • End the big rent rip-off – for rent control to bring down rents and prevent private landlords making a killing from housing misery
  • For mass council house building to provide high quality housing based on the needs of working-class families
  • Justice for Grenfell, safety for all – there must be no repeat of the terrible and preventable Grenfell tragedy. Prosecute those responsible for putting flammable cladding on the tower. Remove and replace all unsafe cladding. For full sprinkler systems to be required in all tower blocks. Involve the Fire Brigades Union in routine and regular fire inspections of all tower blocks

Health and social care for people not profit

  • Save our NHS – stop the sell off – stop all NHS cuts – build a mass, national campaign involving health workers, trade unions and community campaigners to stop cuts and closures and demand full funding for our health service. Stop and reverse all privatisation and cancel PFI debts, support legislation annulling all PFI projects without compensation to companies which have bled the public sector enough
  • Nationalise the pharmaceutical companies – under democratic workers’ control and management.
  • End the social care crisis – stop council cuts. Labour councils should refuse to pass on Tory austerity and instead set needs budgets. For a universal social care system free at the point of need for all
  • Mental health matters – fully fund services to help treat mental illness, as well as to help address its causes

Fund education

  • Scrap tuition fees – for fully funded free education and living grants for all students. Cancel student debt
  • End the schools funding crisis – save our schools!
  • Stop academisation – it’s privatisation by stealth. Invest in high quality, comprehensive education for all. For all schools to be run by democratically elected education authorities. All colleges to be returned to democratic control

For liberation from oppression

  • No to Johnson the bigot – fight all potential attacks on women’s rights, defend migrants and all those targeted by his racist rhetoric
  • Solidarity with all those who face oppression under capitalism – a system which thrives on division and which generates and perpetuates multiple special forms of oppression
  • Organise mass, united working-class struggle to fight sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, abelism and all forms of oppression

Socialist planning can end climate change

  • Build the climate strikes movement – unite students, workers and trade unions in this mass, global struggle to save our planet
  • Nationalise the big polluters – worldwide, 100 companies are responsible for 70% of global emissions. We say nationalise the big polluters, starting with the energy companies, under democratic workers’ control. That way it would be possible to begin to embark on a just transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy – safeguarding existing jobs and creating millions more in the process
  • For a democratically planned economy to protect people and planet– only socialist planning can end climate change

For international socialism

  • Take the wealth off the 1%. Nationalise the major banks and the top 100 monopolies that control  around 80% of our economy, under democratic workers’ control and management 
  • No to a Tory Brexit – for a socialist alternative to the bosses’ EU: a workers’ Europe
  • For an independent socialist Scotland as part of a voluntary and democratic socialist federation of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • Support workers fighting back around the globe – build solidarity and unity in action
  • For a socialist world – free from war, poverty, exploitation and oppression