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Introducing Socialist Alternative...

We need system change. Capitalism means poverty, war, climate breakdown, exploitation and oppression. Worldwide, just eight individuals are estimated to own wealth equivalent to that of half the world's popuation. 

Socialists stand for the alternative - a society run by and for working-class people. A society in which the vast wealth currently concentrated in the hands of a privileged elite, the capitalist class, is taken out of their hands through public ownership of the major banks and monopolies. A society in which, in place of the chaos of the market, ordinary people democratically plan the economy in order to meet the needs of all - without destroying the planet. 

Socialist Alternative in England, Wales and Scotland was founded to help build a movement that can transform our society.

And we don't stand alone. We are proud to be part of a vibrant international organisation of dedicated socialist fighters, which has sections in 30 countries across the globe: International Socialist Alternative. We invite you to take a look around this, our temporary blogsite. If you like what you see - why not join?