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Students across the world have been on the frontline of struggles for change. Most recently, people of all ages have been joined by radical students in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, demanding justice for George Floyd and for an end to racist policing.

We have been central to the climate strikes movement, and played a huge role in building solidarity for the UCU strikes. More and more of us are drawing conclusions about how the problems facing us – racism, climate crisis and all oppression – are systemic issues.

As a system, capitalism only knows the language of what is profitable for an exploiting elite – not what is needed by the mass of people around the world, which is becoming more and more obvious each day with the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

More than ever, our movement needs a Marxist and revolutionary voice. This is why we have taken the decision to launch Student Socialist Alternative.

We stand in solidarity with Socialist Alternative – ISA in England, Wales and Scotland and its international organisation – International Socialist Alternative, active in 30 countries around the worldWe believe that the fight against oppression, exploitation and climate chaos has to be the fight for socialist change. This means co-ordinating struggles wherever they emerge. We also believe that to change society we need to understand how capitalism works and that we need to educate ourselves in socialist and Marxist theory. With a movement of students and workers united with anti-racist, climate and anti-oppression campaigners, to build a movement for revolutionary change!

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